From 8K to 1 Million followers, Wave has provided me tremendous tips, tricks, and feedback on how to grow faster and better, and as you can see, it worked! If you're thinking about growing on TikTok, don't think about it twice, go to Wave!


"Wave provided me with tips and guidance to grow my coaching business. Within less than a week my account grew from 3.8 K followers to 17K. Three months later my programs are still waitlisted and I'm turning away clients!"


"Wave is so helpful! She gave me suggestions on how to improve my content, what hashtags to use, and how to target my audience. I implemented her tips and it helped me grow my account from 120 followers to 6.5 K in one week.


Wave is very knowledgable about building an online presence. She helped me gain a new perspective on my account and after working with her I went from 7K followers to 50K followers in one month.


"I needed my Tik Tok account to have more focus and purpose. Wave Wyld’s coaching style really resonated with me as she is kind yet has a tough love which encouraged me to steer the direction of my account. I now have such a special community of 50k followers, growing 40k within 2 months with Wave’s guidance. And I keep growing everyday and continue to inspire people with my content, thanks to Wave Wyld.
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Heya! I'm Wave

I specialize in helping people who feel confused and overwhelmed with the TikTok platform to the kind of account that creates loyal, raving fans, positions you as the expert and makes your more money in your business. Through my courses and coaching I take you from a clueless newbie to TikTok superstar when it comes to learning how to build your brand that helps you stand out, attract ideal followers, go viral with intention, and thrive with the TikTok algorithm. If you’re convinced TikTok is not the platform for you, and you feel like your niche is too saturated on the app I’m here to help. With a background in personal branding and digital marketing my expertise and unique “Ideal Follower Attraction Method” has helped my clients sell out their programs, products and smash their goals. If you are done feeling stuck and struggling with your account, now is your time to level up and shine.