Feeling frustrated with the TikTok algorithm?

You are not alone, no one can deny the major shift in the algorithm that was felt in early 2021. Large and small creators have experienced less views, engagement and growth. Here’s the bad news first. There is no magic button that will instantly fix all of it. The good news is that TikTok still has more visibility and opportunity for growth than any other platform and that will never change! In this course, YOU will learn how to be one of the MANY accounts growing and thriving on TikTok.

Does this sound like you?

  • You smash that post button with excitement, and wait for the views to roll in but they don’t seem to come leading to disappointment.

  • You feel like the algorithm is broken and you don't understand why your account is struggling.

  • You feel lost without a clear strategy on how to create content that grabs attention and gets you followers.

  • You desperately want to grow your account to build recognition and become known in the online space.

If you have felt any of these statements or more and are an entrepreneur, influencer, business owner or simply want to establish yourself on TikTok and you want to…

  • Feel more confident in your TikTok strategy so you can finally get noticed.

  • Learn how to make short form videos that grab attention and keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

  • Have a clear, easy to follow strategy with proven techniques that grows your brand and community.

  • Get the right followers and convert them into raving fans who like and comment on every post and buy your products and services.


  • MODULE 1: Discover your Niche & Define your Personal Brand

    Learn how to find your niche or develop your niche if you already have one. Then stand out from the crowd with your own personal brand strategy.

  • MODULE 2: Define your Target Audience

    Discover who you want to attract to your page, so that you get followers that engage with your content, and you can influence, or convert to customers. This is where you will learn about my unique "Ideal Follower Attraction Method"!

  • MODULE 3: Content Creation Fundamentals

    Learn the all the necessary know how's of creating short form videos that people want to watch.

  • MODULE 4: Content & Growth Strategies

    This is where you will start to apply posting strategies and employ methods to help boost your account.

  • Module 5: Community Building Strategies & Selling on TikTok

    Learn how to convert your followers to fans so that you can monetize your account, or as a business owner sell your products or services.

  • Each module comes with downloadable worksheets. These will help you apply the information you are learning to your TikTok account, so that you can start seeing results.

Dive in & Beat the TikTok Algorithm

Get into the course to experience the results you want on TikTok!


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  • 217 Content Ideas Cheat Sheet

    If you're having a little creative block and lacking ideas for a TikTok video, I got ya! This 6 page cheat sheet is crammed full of ideas for both entertaining and educational accounts. VALUE: $37

  • Get Started with TikTok Influencer Marketing Mini Course

    This mini course has 5 modules with everything you need to know to get started with influencer marketing and brand sponsorships on TikTok, so you can start monetizing your account ASAP! VALUE: $97

  • Bonus material

    TikTok 101 & TikTok 101 Course Bundle If you are brand new to the app, this 90 minute training will teach you everything to get started on the app, from account set up to making your first video to understanding hashtags and that crazy algorithm! VALUE: $20

  • Beat the TikTok Algorithm Course Community

    This is the place to meet and collaborate with other students. You will also get direct access to Wave to get any course related questions answered. VALUE: PRICELESS



“Wave has set me up for success! After implementing what I learned in the course my TikTok account has gained over 60,000 followers in a week. Wave gave me the tools to build a strong foundation for my content to grow on. Don’t think twice. Dive in and join the Wave.”


"I was in Wave’s course less than a week when I posted a video following her tips. The post got 69K views and the best part is that over 50 people clicked on my bio link and I got some sales!! She offers great tips and personalized her feedback to be specific to my content. Overall, I grew from 1K followers to 15K in a couple of weeks! Wave takes the time to learn about who she is coaching so she can help you achieve your goals! "


"Once I decided that I wanted to take my TikTok account seriously, I knew that working with Wave would be my first step. I joined Wave's program with only ~700 followers four months after starting my account. By the end of the course, my audience of ideal clients had grown by almost 10x! Wave's lessons gave me all of the strategic guidance I needed to create content in alignment with my brand. I loved being able to connect with and learn from other creators in different industries in the group. Wave also helped me craft my first on-brand post that truly kickstarted the growth in my account. I am so grateful for Wave's support, and would highly recommend her courses to take their TikTok presence to the next level!"


“Wave’s program was a great experience. By using her strategies I was able to successfully grow my account by 5,000 followers and find my target audience. I’ve come out of this course with a clearer vision of myself in terms of how I want to authentically communicate and share who I am as an artist. Wave is both supportive and knowledgeable but what I appreciate the most, is how she genuinely wants her students and clients to succeed. Wave is a fabulous resource!”


I joined this course to learn more and improve my content and I grew about 5 K followers during the course and 5 K followers a few weeks after. I could go on and on about everything that I’ve learned but I’ll keep it short. I gained so much knowledge and helpful information and Wave clearly wanted to help. Her coaching was easy to understand and she was always there to answer questions. I’m so glad that I decided to take a chance and join her program. Thank you Wave!

This is for you if...

  • You have been posting on TikTok and haven’t been able to grow your account

  • You are fed up trying to figure it out on your own and you want results.

  • You want to trade in posting desperately and randomly for posting strategically and with confidence.

  • Don’t want to do this alone and want the guidance of an expert and community to network with.

This is NOT for you if...

  • If you would rather keep trying random tactics wishing for big results instead of working for them.

  • Would rather blame the algorithm instead of doing the work

  • If you are hoping for TikTok fame to just happen overnight

  • Are not committed to consistency, community and authenticity of the app

Meet the Queen of Trend Alerts

Wave Wyld

Yes, Wave Wyld is my real name. I have helped hundreds of people to use social media to build a personal brand and a business of their dreams. In fact, I have done over 160 TikTok account reviews and worked with over 50 paying clients to grow their TikTok accounts AND that experience is what inspired me to create this program. My mission is to help you take action and be successful. I break down everything in steps, so it’s super easy to understand. My approach is focused on community over virality with proven strategies to attract the right followers who engage, and buy. I have built an audience of 200 K + followers across my social media platforms and act as a Business Mentor for H.U.B Inc. I regularly appear on National TV, podcasts, magazines as well as a speaker at industry events and have collaborated with various tech brands such as Vop, TrendTok and Statistok.com

Dive in & Beat the TikTok Algorithm

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