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  • 1


    • Watch this video first!

  • 2

    Module 1: Discover your Niche & Define your Personal Brand

    • Niche 101

    • Popular Niche versus Unique Niche

    • Personal Branding 101

    • How to Create your Personal Brand

    • Finding your Niche Worksheet

    • Personal Branding Worksheet

    • Module One Quiz

  • 3

    Module 2: Find your Target Audience

    • What and Why you want to Define a Target Audience

    • The Ideal Follower Attraction Method

    • Find your Target Audience Worksheet

    • Module Two Quiz

  • 4

    Module 3: Content Creation Fundamentals

    • Content Marketing 101, Video Fundamentals, SEE IT Formula & Improving Relatability

    • Video Length, Anatomy of a TikTok & How to Make Educational Videos, Batching Content Tips

    • 5 Types of Hooks to Help Get More Views

    • 8 Types of TikTok Video Posts, Leveraging TikTok Trends & Editing Techniques

    • Content Creation Fundamentals Worksheet

    • Module 3 Quiz

  • 5

    Module 4: Content & Growth Strategies

    • Creating your Content Strategy

    • Intro to Content Strategy & Content Types

    • Educational Content

    • Trending Content

    • Inspirational Content

    • Original Content

    • Promotional Content & Developing your Content Strategy

    • Hashtag, Caption & SEO Strategies UPDATE

    • Hashtag & Caption Strategies for Growth

    • Posting Strategies, Duets for Growth & Original Series

    • Leveraging Virality, Using the TikTok Promote Feature, & Running a Contest for Growth

    • Content & Growth Strategies Worksheet

    • Module 4 Quiz

  • 6

    Module 5: Community Building Strategies & Selling on TikTok

    • How to Build Community on TikTok

    • Everything you Need to Know about Livestreaming

    • How to Make More Sales on TikTok

    • Module 5 Worksheet

    • Module 5 Quiz

  • 7

    Module 6 : Mastering a Mindset for TikTok

    • Intro to Mindset & Using Mindset Tools

    • Common TikTok Mindset Problems, Limiting Beliefs, Positive Affirmations & How to Cultivate a Mindset Practice

    • Mastering a Mindset for TikTok Worksheet

  • 8


    • 217 Content Ideas Cheat Sheet

    • 121 Hook Cheat Sheet

    • Tiktok Profile Checklist

  • 9

    TikTok Basics

    • Welcome to TikTok Basics

    • Module 1 - TikTok Culture, Trends, FYP & Algorithm 101

    • Module 2 - Lesson 1 - Navigating the App

    • Module 2 - Lesson 2 - Account Set Up

    • Module 2 - Lesson 3 - Account Settings

    • Module 3 - Lesson 1 - Record Panel Features Overview

    • Module 3 - Lesson 2 - Editing Panel Features Overview

    • Module 3 - Lesson 3 - Posting Panel Features Overview

    • Module 4 - Lesson 1 - Making a TikTok - Talking Head Video & Trend Video

    • Module 4 - Lesson 2 - How to Duet a Video

    • Module 4 - Lesson 3 - How to Stitch a Video

    • Module 4 - Lesson 4 - How to Make a Video Reply to Comment

    • Module 4 - Lesson 5 - How to use Green Screen Effects

    • Module 5 - TikTok Growth Tips, First Steps, Content Ideas & Hashtags

  • 10

    TikTok Influencer Marketing for Creators & Brands

    • Welcome & Introduction

    • How to Get Started with TikTok Influencer Marketing

    • 6 Steps to Get you Set up for Success

    • Influencer Marketing Contract - Sample - NOT FOR LEGAL USE

    • Media Kit 101

    • Pitching Brands & Tiktok Creator Marketplace

    • Email Pitch Sample

    • User Generated Content Explained

    • Influencer Marketing for Small Business Owners

  • 11

    Influencer Marketing Resources

    • Influencer Marketing Glossary

    • Engagement Rate Calculator & Analytics Tools

    • Brand Collaboration & Influencer Agencies Listings

    • Ad-Standards & Disclosure

    • Email Scripts

    • UGC Creator Resources

  • 12

    TikTok Storytelling Masterclass

    • Module 1 - Intro to Storytelling

    • TikTok Storytelling Masterclass_Worksheet

    • Module 2 - 2 Different Types of Stories in Marketing

    • Module 3 - Introduction Videos & Storytelling

    • Module 4 - Story Formats

    • Module 5 - Storytelling Formats for Business

Does this sound like you?

  • You smash that post button with excitement, and wait for the views to roll in but they don’t seem to come leading to disappointment.

  • You feel like the algorithm is working against you don't understand why your account is struggling.

  • You feel lost without a clear strategy on how to create content that grabs attention and gets you followers.

  • You desperately want to grow your account to build recognition and become known in the online space.

If you have felt any of these statements or more and are an entrepreneur, influencer, business owner or simply want to establish yourself on TikTok and you want to…

  • Feel more confident in your TikTok strategy so you can finally get noticed.

  • Learn how to make short form videos that grab attention and keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

  • Have a clear, easy to follow strategy with proven techniques that grows your brand and community.

  • Get the right followers and convert them into raving fans who like and comment on every post and buy your products and services.


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  • TikTok Profit Lab

    This course is designed to help you generate leads and sales for your business. It contains over 15 plug and play video formulas that have resulted in students getting thousands of followers and making hundreds in sales. Also contains over $1 K in other bonus goodies including a training on the 5 ways to use trends and a TikTok Sound Library so you never have to scroll and find sounds again. VALUE $1025

  • TikTok Storytelling Masterclass

    Break down your barriers to creativity and learn the 5 Part Framework that will allow you to create stories that are engaging and attract followers. Watch videos of successful cases for this framework and learn how to tell stories that showcase your products and services too. A worksheet is provided to help you outline and draft your compelling story. VALUE: $197

  • Get Started with TikTok Influencer Marketing Mini Course

    This mini course has 5 modules with everything you need to know to get started with influencer marketing and brand sponsorships on TikTok, so you can start monetizing your account ASAP! VALUE: $97

  • Hooks & Content Ideas Cheat Sheet Bundle

    Struggling with writing attention grabbing hooks or content ideas ? These cheat sheets will save you time and inspire you to create content that gets more views. VALUE $ 97

  • TikTok Profile Checklist

    Your profile is your digital business card. Follow these 8 steps to optimize your profile and gain more followers. VALUE $47

  • TikTok Basics

    If you are brand new to the app, this 90 minute training will teach you everything to get started on the app, from account set up to making your first video to understanding hashtags and that crazy algorithm! VALUE: $37



“This course is literally everything you’ve ever wanted/needed to know about TikTok all in one place! It is easy to follow, and Wave gives great examples as well as opportunities to apply what you’ve learned to your own brand/business. This course really helped me understand how to grow my account with purpose and strategy by using hooks, CTAs, and engaging more with my followers. Before taking this course, my account was stuck at 34K followers for well over 2 forward a couple months and my account is now at almost 119K!”


“Beat the TikTok Algorithm course was SUCH a great resource for me. It's a complete how-to course for getting your account set up, growing your audience, and managing brand partnerships. Following Wave's great advice, I grew to 60k in a matter of months.”


“Wave has set me up for success! After implementing what I learned in the course my TikTok account has gained over 60,000 followers in a week. Wave gave me the tools to build a strong foundation for my content to grow on. Don’t think twice. Dive in and join the Wave.”

"Once I decided that I wanted to take my TikTok account seriously, I knew that working with Wave would be my first step. I joined Wave's program with only ~700 followers four months after starting my account. By the end of the course, my audience of ideal clients had grown by almost 10x! Wave's lessons gave me all of the strategic guidance I needed to create content in alignment with my brand. Wave also helped me craft my first on-brand post that truly kickstarted the growth in my account. I am so grateful for Wave's support, and would highly recommend her courses to take their TikTok presence to the next level!"


I joined this course to learn more and improve my content and I grew about 10K followers from the course. I could go on and on about everything that I’ve learned but I’ll keep it short. I gained so much knowledge and helpful information and Wave clearly wanted to help. Her coaching was easy to understand and she was always there to answer questions. I’m so glad that I decided to take a chance and join her program. Thank you Wave!

This is for you if...

  • You have been posting on TikTok and haven’t been able to grow your account

  • You are fed up trying to figure it out on your own and you want results.

  • You want to trade in posting desperately and randomly for posting strategically and with confidence.

  • Don’t want to do this alone and want the guidance of an expert and community to network with.

This is NOT for you if...

  • If you would rather keep trying random tactics wishing for big results instead of working for them.

  • Would rather blame the algorithm instead of doing the work

  • If you are hoping for TikTok fame to just happen overnight

  • Are not committed to consistency, community and authenticity of the app

All modules and bonus offers valued at $2,000 for one low price

Meet the Queen of Trend Alerts

Wave Wyld

Yes, Wave Wyld is my real name. I have helped hundreds of people to use social media to build a business of their dreams. In fact, I have worked with over 400 paying clients and students to grow their TikTok accounts AND that experience is what inspired me to create this program. My mission is to help you take action and be successful. I break down everything in steps, so it’s super easy to understand. My approach is focused on community over virality with proven strategies to attract the right followers who engage, and buy. I have built an audience of 325 K + followers across my social media platforms. I regularly appear on National TV, podcasts, magazines as well as a speaker at industry events like, Social Media Marketing World. I also consult and provide workshops for Fortune 500 Companies.