Disclaimer!! This isn’t your typical “how to go viral” quick fix or TikTok tutorial — these you can find anywhere. This course is one of a kind, using my top secret formulas.

These are the same formulas, strategies, and techniques that my 1:1 clients pay me thousands of dollars to share behind closed doors, earning them millions of dollars in return. THIS IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You have been posting on TikTok for your business but not getting more followers or sales

  • Don't know what types of videos to post to attract potential customers

  • Don't want to spend hundreds of hours searching for content ideas or sounds to use in your videos

  • Want to harness the power of all the TikTok Features - Videos, Stories and Live Streaming to Make more $$$

What You'll Learn

  • MODULE 1 - Intro to the Sales Funnel

    Review the basic sales funnel and what you need to know about your audience at each stage. ➡ Overview of the content you should be creating for each stage of this funnel so you can attract new followers, build community, and generate leads and sales. ➡ The difference between content types at each stage… and why your audience needs more than one type of content from you if you want them to convert ➡ Why a sales funnel is so important to your business in general… but ESPECIALLY on TikTok!

  • MODULE 2 - In Depth Look at Call To Actions

    You’ll learn I’ll show you everything you need to know about CALL TO ACTIONS including: ➡ The different types of call to action (and how you should be using each one)... ➡ CTA best practices - including how to avoid the mistakes that will confuse your audience (and keep you from converting them to leads and buyers!)... ➡ The FIVE places you can use calls to action in your content… AND which is best to use at which time… PLUS I’m giving you my CTA cheat sheet so you always have a handy reference when you’re creating your content.

  • MODULE 3 - Follower & Client Attraction

    Here is where we start looking at how to fill our funnel with potential leads. I’ll show you: ➡ The four things you must be doing to optimize TikTok as your funnel. ➡ The type of follower you want to attract - and the type that you should be staying away from - and how to tell whether you’re getting it right… ➡ TEN simple video formulas that will attract the right people to your account so you can convert them to customers.

  • MODULE 4 - Nurturing your Audience

    Keep your followers engaged and coming back for more, Because trust is what leads to sales. I’ll show you: ➡ Why this middle part of the funnel is the most important - and how you’ve overlooked it in the marketing you’re currently doing… ➡ How to nurture your audience when they’re all at different stages of their buying journey with you… ➡ 3 MORE video formulas that you can use right now to build community and gain the trust of your followers…

  • MODULE 5 - Videos that Sell

    Now that we’ve set the foundation we focus on getting the sale. I’ll show you: ➡ How to know when to begin selling based on the interaction and engagement from your community… ➡  The B-I-G selling mistakes that people make on TikTok so you know EXACTLY what to avoid when you’re ready to make those sales… ➡  3 MORE video formulas that will help you generate leads, get more email registrations, and promote your products or services. These videos are e-a-s-y and take less than 10 minutes each to make. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

  • MODULE 6 - Selling with TikTok Stories

    In this lesson, I’ll show you exactly how you can use your stories to: ➡ Sell your programs, products, services or courses ➡ Get new people to sign up for your email list ➡ Book discovery calls

  • MODULE 7 - Selling with Live Streaming

    Livestreaming is another feature on TikTok that’s grossly underutilized at every point in the funnel. But it’s incredibly powerful for launches, cart close deadlines, or flash sales… in addition to regular sales and lead generation. ➡ I’ll break down the strategies for not only hosting a successful livestream… but leveraging that livestream to generate leads, make sales, and add new people to your email list in droves.

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I’m also including an entire bonus package worth over $1,300 to help you create profitable content in a snap

  • TikTok Sounds Library - VALUE $297

    Save time with this catalogue of sounds that you can use with video formulas and content ideas, so you never have to scroll to find good sounds on the FYP ever again!

  • TikTok Trends Training - VALUE $97

    In this 45 minute training - Learn the 5 ways to leverage trends for your account to grow AND make sales.

  • 219 Content Ideas Cheat Sheet - VALUE $197

    These are tried, tested, and proven video ideas that will help you gain followers, grow your community, AND nurture your audience. This cheat sheet will not only show you some video ideas… but also the type of content they are AND where it fits into your funnel. Making your videos has never been easier.

  • Content Repurpose Checklist - VALUE $37

    If you’re creating videos for TikTok… is there any reason you shouldn’t be using them on: ➡ Instagram Reels ➡ YouTube Shorts ➡ Facebook Reals ➡ LinkedIn ➡ Pinterest This checklist will help you repurpose your content - AND I’ll even show you how to easily download your video and remove that pesky watermark… so you can repost natively and get the biggest result from your efforts.

  • Hashtag, Caption & TikTok SEO Strategies- VALUE $97

    Learn everything you need to know to use hashtags, captions and TikTok SEO to boost your views in this up to date 30 min training.

  • How to Create your TikTok Content Strategy - Value $197

    This in depth mini course will help you create a content strategy so that you can plan and organize your videos that speak to your target audience and get more views.

  • Student only Facebook Group - VALUE $397

    Monthly office hours to receive live coaching, connect with other business owners, share ideas, AND support one another as you grow your TikTok accounts.

Over $1,300 in Value

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Meet TikTok Marketing & Trends Expert

Wave Wyld

Yes, Wave Wyld is my real name. I have helped hundreds of people to use social media to build a business of their dreams. In fact, I have worked with over 400 paying clients and students to grow their TikTok accounts AND that experience is what inspired me to create this program. My mission is to help you take action and be successful. I break down everything in steps, so it’s super easy to understand. My approach is focused on community over virality with proven strategies to attract the right followers who engage, and buy. I have built an audience of 325 K + followers across my social media platforms. I regularly appear on National TV, podcasts, magazines as well as a speaker at industry events like, Social Media Marketing World. I also consult and provide workshops for Fortune 500 Companies.